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The Kirkland Lake Aquatic Club is a member run, not for profit organization that relies on the participation of its membership to run the club activities successfully. Families with at least one swimmer in the High Performance, Age or Regional Development Group are required to meet the volunteer participation requirements for each group (see below).


A point system is used to track family participation activities for each family. Different activities have been assigned different point values (see SUMMARY OF POINT LEVELS AND POINT VALUES). Each family must accumulate different point values as outlined for the individual swimmer group. Families with multiple swimmers will accumulate points based on the highest level registered swimmer as well as one additional point for each additional swimmer.


The point requirements outlined below can be accumulated easily if members are actively involved in the clubs fundraising activities. The point values assigned encourage families to become further involved in the club as their swimmer moves through the program.  Accumulation of up to ½ of the required points is encouraged per session. The first cheque will be returned by February 1, 2016 if the swim family has accumulated a minimum of ½ of the point requirements and the second cheque returned by June 1, 2016 if all point requirements are met as outlined.  Each family will be asked to volunteer for at least one session during our invitational meet (if your swimmer is entered). Your volunteer deposit will be returned at the end of the season if the following requirements are met:

High Performance 18 points, which include 1 level three, 4 level two and 4 level one (mandatory) as well as 3 additional points of family’s choice
Age Development Group   15 points, which include 1 level three, 3 level two and 3 level one    (mandatory) as well as 3 additional points of family’s choice.
Regional Development   12 points, which include 3 level two and 3 level one (mandatory) as well as 3 additional points of family’s choice
***Families will not be eligible for club support or subsidies for team meets, provincial or national swim meets if point requirements are not met or the swimmer does not participate in the annual swim-a-thon. Swimmers must be active members of the KLAC at the time of support.


Two post-dated cheques dated February 1, 2016 and June 1, 2016 will be required at the start of the season as follows: 

For further information regarding fundraising opportunities, contact Angela Angelicchio at 705 568-8491.