KLAC Stingrays
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KLAC Stingrays

The majority of the swimming experience happens in the pool, involving only swimmers and coaches. Because of this we cannot ask parents to maintain a constant watch to ensureproper behaviour from their children. As an organization with abiding responsibilities for the growth,development, safety and competitive success of dozens of young athletes, the Kirkland Lake Aquatic Club has adopted the Swim Ontario and Swim Canada Codes of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone associated with the club including swimmers, coaches, officials and volunteers. The Kirkland Lake Aquatic Club strives to ensure a safe environment for its members and endeavours to foster healthy relationships amongst its swimmers. For these reasons, the Club has adopted a zero tolerance policy. The rules of the Kirkland Lake Aquatic Club are in effect at all functions, training sessions and meets where swimmers are acting as representatives of the Club and their community. As a member of the Kirkland Lake Aquatic Club, your behaviour directly affects people’s attitudes towards the sport of swimming and it is with this in mind that the club asks you to adhere to these rules.






While some behaviour is much more unacceptable than others, any breach of arule may result in some form of disciplinary action up to and including a temporary suspension, or dismissal from the Club. Occasionally a coach must discipline a swimmer. Depending on the nature of the problem, the coach may speak privately to the individual or the parents. A swimmer may be asked to leave the pool and remain on deck for the duration of the practice (for safety reasons) or miss a practice or an upcoming meet. If an issue is not resolved by the coach to the satisfaction of all individuals involved, the issue may be referred to the next level of authority.The Board of Directors has the right to review and make decisions with respect to the family if the Code of Conduct is breached. Infrequently, a swimmer or swim family (parent and swimmer) may be asked to leave the Club.
As the swimmer listed below, I have read the KLAC Code of Conduct and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct at all training sessions, meets and functions where I represent KLAC.